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We manufacture our equipment to last, and it is not unusual when customers return to replace their older Keating fryers or griddles to find that their equipment has been in service for 30+ years.

Our Incredible Frying Machine® is manufactured with our exclusive patented, energy saving burners which will save you money. Documented independent studies show an annual operating energy cost of $164. Our IFM customers report remarkable shortening savings as well, our 14" IFM has been awarded the ENERGY STAR.

In response to our customers' needs to prepare fresh foods faster, it’s now possible to cook hamburgers to 165°F internal temperature in only 30 seconds with our Top-Side™ cooker. Improvements include a patented micro leveler full head adjustment for even cooking.

Morgan Library, New York City

Morgan Library, New York City

We have responded to our customers' requests for faster and easier filtering with our Safe & Easy Filter®. Filtering fat is faster than ever, less than 2 minutes for a 14" fryer! The Safe & Easy Filter® is designed to prevent contact with hot fat during filtering and requires no additional kitchen space beside or behind the fryer.

Keating Customers in NY and NJ

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