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Howard - McCray is a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration products specializing in product display. With over 124 years of experience, a mature infrastructure and well-trained staff, Howard - McCray can assist you in solving your display requirements.

We trace our roots back to 1887, when McCray was founded in Kendallville, Indiana, by Mr. Elmer E McCray. Realizing the need to cut down the tremendous loss from food spoilage and to protect the public as well, McCray and his father built a cold storage room and in 1882 received a patent for their invention. McCray specialized in Wooden Ice Display Cases. Howard was founded in 1949 by Albert Fogel. Mr. Fogel acquired McCray in 1975 and merged both companies into its present facility in Philadelphia, PA. Mr. Fogel's family remained active in the business until 2002 when Jeff Fogel, Albert's son, retired.

In December of 2003, the management team acquired the company.

Howard - McCray has built its reputation on manufacturing a quality product while maintaining a personal relationship with all of its customers, regardless of their size. The Management Team will continue to build on the legacy built by Mr. Fogel and Mr. McCray.

Product categories: Meat, Fish, Deli Refrigerated/Dry Cases, Step-Ins, Proofers, Retarders, Open/Produce Merchandisers