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9121 Atlanta Ave. #331
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Therma-Tek Range Corporation may appear to be a new company in the market, but our tradition and combined experience of four principals spans more than 100 years. The owners are seasoned professionals in the design, development, manufacture and sale of commercial foodservice equipment. Our products carry this experience behind them, which sets them far ahead of our competition.

Therma-Tek represents quality, strength and performance, backed by unparalleled warranty and continued service. We carry a reputation in the marketplace for developing and delivering quality, value conscious, innovative products in a timely manner. We continuously emphasize research and development, as well as cutting edge product development, with a close understanding of market trends and needs.

When you buy from Therma-Tek, you are assured of a sound product that performs to the satisfaction of a professional chef and features built-in durability, designed by experts with vast knowledge and expertise in the commercial foodservice industry.  It is this expertise that sets Therma-Tek and its products far ahead of the competition.