Panasonic Induction Cooktop

Panasonic Commercial Food Service Group introduced a groundbreaking induction cooktop, the Met-ALL KY-MK3500, featuring state-of-the-art technology for commercial chefs. Specifically designed for use in the commercial food service industry, this portable induction cooktop is the culmination of Panasonic’s 40-year history with induction technology and represents the latest advances in high-efficiency cooking equipment. The Met-ALL Induction Cooktop is engineered to provide a fast, responsive cooking experience for restaurants, caterers and other commercial settings.

• ALL Metal Pan Induction Cooker – Aluminum, Copper, Stainless etc…  
• 3,500 watts • 20 amps• 208v / 1 phase
• VERY FAST recovery – any pan will work including copper. 
• In stock in Metro NY

KY-MK3500 Induction Cooktop

KY-MK3500 Induction Cooktop

METALL INDUCTION COOKTOP Japanese engineered cooktop with Met-All Technology enables any commercial kitchen to cook with pots, pans and other vessels of any metal type, including aluminum and copper.

OPTICAL IR SENSOR CONTROL Fast, responsive cooking with 90% heat efficiency. An infrared sensor below the cooktop surface continually monitors pan or pot base temperature to maintain even, precisioncontrolled temperatures from 285° to 500°F.

1200WIRE COPPER INNER COIL A high-efficiency 1200-wire copper inner coil emits electromagnetic energy to generate a current up to 120 kHz directly onto the base of any metal pan. Electrical resistance in the pan’s metal heats only the pan, not the entire cooktop.

LUMINOUS RED RING FOR SAFETY The MK3500 doesn’t heat with an open flame, but still generates a heated surface. To help prevent accidental contact, a Luminous Ring built into the cooktop’s heavy-duty glass surface glows red to warn that the surface is in use.

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“Induction technology has long promised flexibility, safety and control for chefs due to its efficient heat distribution and precise temperature controls, and we’re proud to have delivered a cooktop that delivers on that promise,” says David Williams, Sr. product manager, Panasonic Commercial Food Services Group. “The Met-ALL Induction Cooktop will change how commercial food preparation is done, helping our customers deliver consistently flawless execution, day after day.”

NAFEM 2017

NAFEM 2017

Foodservice professionals already using the cooktop

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