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Welcome to Cooler Concepts; I am Bill Dunnett Jr. the founder and president.

I started the company in 1994, while I was working as a beer truck driver.   As I went about my daily duties on the truck, I kept seeing catalog type shelving being used in my customers’ coolers.  They just didn’t fit well, or handle the abuse of full kegs being loaded on them day in and day out.   The bars on my route all had the same problem; dead storage space.   With or without shelving, the product was still being stored in the aisles.  Employees had to move one product to get to another, especially when replacing consumed kegs.   This situation made access to the cooler challenging for both those who worked at the bar and the deliverymen.  Having spent time stocking product into coolers, I could see there was a better way to arrange the cooler that would make access easier and safer while working inside.

One day on my route, I was reminded firsthand how really dangerous it is to work around keg beer.   I had handled tens of thousands of full kegs by this point in my job and was a trained professional.   That day, while lifting a keg of beer from the truck’s elevated storage bay (48 inches high) the rubber barrel caught the edge of the semi- truck tire and tumbled, smashing my foot.  The rest is history.  I was in a cast for 3 months, because many of the bones in my foot were shattered from the weight of the 165 lb keg falling on it.   The pain was so intense; I call it the closest thing to childbirth I’ll probably ever feel, all in the matter of one second!

After that experience, knowing how kegs are unevenly stacked in beer coolers, I knew there had to be a way to keep this danger from happening to others.   I set out to create the solution for a safer and more organized work environment within the walk-in.   I wanted to provide a quality shelf and a complete organizational solution for my customers’ storage problems.   The main focus of the plan: employees not having to lift a full keg of beer onto the main shelf.   The solution’s design started to become evident.   Each product was to have its own specific location in the beer cooler, and the beer kegs needed to sit on a flat surface (floor or shelf).   The combination of my background as a welding foreman and my experiences working in beer coolers provided me with the insight to create a shelving solution that maximizes the efficiency of the cooler.   From these initial ideas, Cooler Concepts was born.

For almost 20 years now, Cooler Concepts has been helping solve all types of storage needs for the Bar Industry.   Our list of customers is extensive and quite broad, ranging from mom and pop bars to national chain restaurants, stadiums and arenas, and everything else in between.   With each new design we continue to improve our solutions, enhance our existing products and create innovative new shelving to accomplish things a catalog shelf does not have the ability to do.

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