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BAKERS PRIDE was founded in New York in the mid 1940's, and initiated one of the most dramatic innovations in the history of American cuisine by inventing the modern production pizza oven.  Prior to our invention of a factory built, gas-fired ceramic deck transportable pizza oven, pizza was produced in massive, coal-fired, hand built brick ovens by a small number of culinary artists catering to a limited number of pizza connoisseurs.  As we continued to refine the process with sophisticated, accurate temperature controls, even heat distribution, and energy efficient burners, the pizza market grew from a minor ethnic food to an American favorite.

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Today, BAKERS PRIDE is world-renowned for high quality commercial baking, cooking, and pizza equipment. We provide a wide selection of quality deck ovens, countertop ovens, conveyor ovens, and under-fired char broilers to meet any need of the foodservice, pizza and supermarket industries worldwide.

Danny's Steak House Red Bank NJ

Demo for Star Chef Abram at The Modern - New York City

Speed Oven e300 training withChef George from Standex Cooking Solutions.

Little River the Cube / Dealer H Weis / 450 E 19th Street NY NY / Bakers Pride

Drew University

Madison, New Jersey

Bakers Pride Speed Oven training in the TD Marketing Test Kitchen.

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